New website coming soon with great new features!

Some things won't carry over, like wish lists & Rewards Points. Click here for more details.

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Kentucky Mustang New Website Information 2021
Details and more information

Kentucky Mustang is excited to announce that we'll be launching a new website very soon in 2021!

Here are some great new features:
  • Mobile friendly!
  • Year and category filters to make finding parts for your Mustang much easier
  • Easier navigation and smart search
  • Stock quantity for all items
  • Better and easier to use Rewards Points
  • Faster checkout

While we have put in a ton of work recently to ensure we have as smooth of a launch as possible, there may be some quirks, bugs, etc., but rest assured that we'll be here at every step of the way to help you out with any problem you have, trouble navigating the site, or anything else you need.

There are a few things that we won't be able to carry over to the new website (limitations of our previous platform). This is not just a simple face-lift of our website, it is a complete re-platforming which entails a few quirks as far as moving over our data. Here is a list of things that will not automatically carry over:
  • Wish list items
    • We apologize! Our current platform doesn't support a system to export current customer wish lists. We're still working to see if there's a way, but we haven't been able to find a solution yet.
  • Current rewards points
    • Our new site will have a Rewards Points system almost identical, while being much better and easier to use. Your current Rewards Points balance will not carry over automatically. However, once you create a new account, if you had any Rewards Points, you can email us and we'll apply them to your new account.
  • Customer accounts
    • New accounts can be created in about 10 seconds!
    • All saved address and payment information will need to be re-input upon ordering or by visiting your account page.
  • Previous orders
    • Previous orders will not be viewable on your online account. However, we still keep all records and can email you any invoice/order that you've placed with us in the past through our back-end system. We apologize, but again, this is a limitation of our current site.
  • Gift certificates
    • We're not able to automatically transfer gift certificates and balances, however, much like Rewards Points, once you have a created an account and have a gift certificate to redeem or had a previous balance on your account, please send us an email and we'll apply that to your new account. We do have a list of that information so it will be very simple and quick!

Please note that there will not be any disruptions or delays in orders or shipments being processed. Any in progress order will not be disrupted or delayed. The order will not show on your new online account, but we keep all orders on a separate back-end system, so no delays or mishaps will happen with your current orders.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please let us know by emailing us at or by clicking the green "Contact Us / Chat" button in the bottom right-hand side.

We're very excited for all of our customers to see our new site! We're committed to being the best place for you to purchase your Classic Mustang parts, and our new site is just the next step towards that goal. Keep in mind that at any time, we're here for you either by phone or email! There will be no changes to our company during this, so we'll still have the same great phone & warehouse staff, committed to provided you the best customer service and experience we possibly can!